I propose that we can create jobs and….

I really believe that we can create jobs and save Social Security at the same time. It can be a combination of domestic content and tariffs. Domestic content would ensure that some manufacturing jobs would be created right here at home. Domestic content laws would demand that a percentage of foreign goods sold in the USA would be made in the USA. Those that do not meet this domestic content would still be allowed in but would invoke tariffs. These new tariffs would be paid right into Social Security.  Think about it, even jobs that were lost would still be paying into our social security. This could satisfy those naysayers that say Social Security is doomed because not enough people are paying into it. This would bring in more people paying into Social Security both domestic and foreign workers. We will hear political talking heads say this goes against World Trade Organization, you should ask them who runs this country? Do we just let the World Trade Organization run our country? We can make jobs here in the USA.

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